Transform your business expertise into functional software

The leap from a business concept to its practical application can feel intimidating. Our team guides you through proven practices, ensuring a seamless journey.

We have helped multiple clients to go through this journey

  • Viessmann
  • Sauber
  • Livesport
  • Neko Solutions
    Neko Solutions
  • Naturaily
  • Cleenr

Working together continues to be a great experience. Their ability to communicate effectively simplifies many processes and leads to the smooth execution of projects. I particularly appreciate their willingness to explore alternative solutions, which often help us overcome challenges.

- Radek Žikeš, Team Lead @ Livesport

Working with NightWoods was a distinctive advantage for our project, especially in the ideation and testing phases of our creative product. Their strong communication skills facilitated effective collaboration and idea exchange. Their versatility in assisting with various technologies was a significant asset, enabling us to explore and integrate diverse solutions effectively. Furthermore, their contribution to researching potential solutions to complex business problems was invaluable.

- Victor Fischer, CEO @

I had the opportunity to collaborate with the team on a complex project for a start-up, where they played a leading role from the design phase through to deployment. Their versatility in working across multiple technologies, including mobile, web, and cloud, was instrumental in the project's success.

- Tomasz Kordyś, Head of Delivery @ Naturaily

The problem

Do the complexities of software development overwhelm you? Perhaps the hefty development costs hold you back from taking that crucial first step. Or maybe trust issues with external software companies raise concerns.

- What would this look like if it were easy?

Our streamlined methodology empowers clients to transform their ideas into functional solutions, ready for validation or monetization within a mere 3 months.


Together we discuss and analyze your idea building a model of the software that's understandable for everyone. With the process of brain storming on steroids we build a foundation for understanding the value of the project. We see the first sketches of the app.

What you'll get after this phase

  • More structured look at the idea - so it is easy to explain
  • Initial sketches of the app - so you can see what it can look like
  • Value Definition - so you can pitch the idea


Based off of the discovery & shaping session our team prepares the set of documents that are a blueprint of the software for us going forward. This is the set of documents that help us translate from the business language to the technical language. We use it to select the initial set of features for first version that will maximize the value delivered in the initial 3 months.

What you'll get after this phase

  • Proposed Technical Solution - what technologies are cost-effective
  • Documentation - so you know how the solution can be achieved
  • Development Plan - so you know the potential timeline
  • First Version Definition - so you what value can be delivered

Rapid First Version

After the blueprint is ready we start the implementation of the first version of the software. We iterate and gather the feedback from you along the way during demo meetings. The output of this phase is the first version of the software that is ready for release, testing and playing around with.

What you'll get after this phase

  • Working First Version - so you can put your hands on working app
  • Handover Plan - so you can pass the project further easily
  • Complete documentation - so everyone can keep track of how it works
  • Plan for next steps - so you have an glimpse into the future

Evaluate & Repeat

After the first version is ready we start the validation process. Our tools help you gather and analyze feedback from the users. With working software in hand you can understand the possibilities better and proceed further with less guesswork. Our structured approach to the process helps you to make informed decisions about next iterations of planning and development.

Included in this phase

  • Advanced Analysis Tools - so you can gather feedback from users
  • Processes - so you have a structured way forward
  • Execution - so you can focus on the business

Turn your idea into an app

In 3 months get from your vague concept to fully functional application with real users giving you feedback.

Take the first step and see if your idea can potentially become a successful business.

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